A message from our Pastor:

Greeting to the Saints

In lieu of the swift transaction in which our community now faces, we here at Second New Hope Baptist church prayerfully encourage every member to stay connected via the media ministry.

Communication for this church will be updated weekly to the website concerning the direction in which we now practice our faith experience.

The sermon will be posted each week via email, postal bulk mail in full print, and facetime phone messages.

In the coming week, plans toward live stream messages are being put into place. In addition, the following contact information is provided to help us to stay connected to the “Second New Hope Faith family”.

Pastor’s email address:                                 chilliardsecondnewhope@gmail.com

Pastor’s Landline:                                           [540]898-9044

Pastor’s Cell:                                                   [540]395-7089

Church email address:                                   secondnewhope@comcast.net

Church website:                                               secondnewhope.org

Chairman of Deacon’s Ministry:                    desam1119@aol.com


Be Blessed of the Lord,

Charles H. Hilliard, Pastor